June 23, 2013

What's Coming Up With WICE

With the weather refusing to believe the calendar's indication that summer has actually begun, everyone is eager to leave these dreary gray skies in search of warmth, sun, and the relaxation of vacation getaways.   But just as the excitement for vacation ramps up, eventually the dread of its ending will grow and cast a bittersweet taste at the thought of returning back home to 'real life'.   

To cure these 'end of the summer blues', the WICE Program Directors are pleased to bring you an exciting Fall Course selection that will make you look forward to the Rentrée, all summer long. 

First, kick off the new season with WICE’s Open House on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at the American Church in Paris, where you can:   
·         Meet the Instructors
·         Participate in Workshops and Demonstrations
·         Learn more about WICE and its Courses and Events

Get the Ink Flowing with Creative Writing's:

·         Write-In:   Increase your word count.  Develop your writing discipline and routine.   Meet published authors.
      Learn more at  An insider's view ofWICE's Write-In course.
·         Paris Vignettes:  How to capture revealing moments, encounters, and events- in 1500 words or less.
·         Fiction Workshop:  Get the group's invaluable critique of 15-20 pages of your fiction manuscript.
·         The Art of Fiction:  Tools & Technics behind good writing - Learn the requisite skills of good writing and how to apply it to your fiction stories.
·         Flash Non-Fiction: Narrative, Voice and Imagery under 1000 words.  

·         Creative Thinking to Write Outside the Lines: Get a new perspective on writing to further your creative abilities.

Develop your Artistic Side with: 
·         Monotype Printing at the historical La Ruche art studio

·         Painting : Following the Masters
·         Drawing:
o    Contemporary Drawing
o    Live Model Studio
·         Secrets of Buying Collector Artwork in Paris

Drawing: Sketchbooks
Read more about Painting and Drawing courses at Jan Olsson- Debunking the Myth.

Exploring Paris Photography
For the Fans of Film:
·         Short Film Production Using a Mobile Phone
·         Film Lecture Series
·         First Friday Film Festival

Capture the Moment with these Photography courses:
·         Exploring Paris
·         Introductory Workshops
·         Moving Beyond Snapshots
·         Finding Your Photographic Style
·         Studio Photography
·         Photography Post-Production Technics
·         History of Photography

Read all about WICE’s photography classes at Time to Get off Your A! 

Perfume Tours
Pursue your Passion for Perfume:
·         Atelier Parfum Chanel:  Learn about your favorite Chanel perfumes
·         Tour Parfum :  Visit several boutique perfume shops
Learn more about Perfume Tours at Three Unique Views of Rare Perfumes.

For the Love of Languages:
·         French: from Beginner to Intermediate
·         English courses
·         Guided Discussions:
o    English
o    German
o    Spanish
·         French/English Conversation Groups

Museum Visits & Exclusive WICE Tours:
·         Musée Légion Honneur
·         Musée Zadkine
·         Musée Carnavalet Exposition Alleaume
·         Cité Architecture Exposition Arts déco
·         Musée des Années 30
·         Musée Cognac Jay
·         Cité Universitaire Internationale
·         Hotel de Ville
·         Harcourt
·         Théâtre des Champs Elysées

Remember, WICE is always adding new courses and events, so stay tuned for more information about:
·         Cooking Courses
·         Neighborhood Walks
·         Art History
·         Friday Night Wine Tastings:  Learn about different wines each week           
·         Thursday Nights WICE Office Gallery featuring WICE members’ artwork
·         Visual Arts Outings around town

Wine Tasting

To get a jumpstart on creating a great Rentrée, start planning your exciting WICE activities now.

Post by Veronica Kugler