March 31, 2014

An Easy Way to Satisfy Your Cravings

There can be many reasons why people decide to leave their home countries and make the move to France, with work, lifestyle or simply to get away to start a new life being just a few of them.   Since day to day life in France can be very different, there’s always a transition period where people have to adapt to their new lifestyle.  Not surprisingly, food often plays a big part in how at home someone feels.  

WICE staff member, Joyce Rubin, shares a similar sentiment:  "As exciting as it is living in a foreign city, there are certain American and English foods that I miss and want to eat all the time. Like pancakes, buffalo wings, cheese covered potato wedges, Indian curries from England, etc. I think this miss/crave of a culture is something that is part of you that will never change so it is important to find how to overcome these misses/cravings when they are not easily accessible."

Some people, especially fussy eaters, find it particularly difficult to adapt to living in a different country without their favorite foods from back home.  Fortunately France has an abundance of exquisite delicious foods, so adopting French foods as your own is usually not a difficult task. 

However, old eating habits are hard to break and regardless of the endless supply of mouth-watering buttered croissants, sometimes you just have to have your old faithfuls from back home.   To satisfy these cravings, some people resort to traveling mules to fill their luggage with grocery list goodies.  Visiting family and friends wind up not having enough space for their own clothes, as cupcake frosting and favorite salad dressings weigh bags to their 23 kilo limit.  

But there’s got to be an easier way.  

March 23, 2014

Help Wanted: Feathermaster at the Lido

The best feathers in Paris are at The Lido
© Meredith Mullins
When I first learned that there was a Feathermaster at the Lido, I admit to rolling my eyes a bit. However, when I toured backstage and saw nearly 600 costumes for the current show, most of which had feathers, there was no further doubt. 

Of course, there needs to be a full-time feathermaster. Why would there not be?

If you've ever wanted to know more about being a Feathermaster (who hasn't?), read on …

Post by Meredith Mullins, with permission of OIC Moments.

March 13, 2014

WICE Visual Arts: Spotlight on Alastair Arthur

WICE presents its Up Close and Personal series to give you an insider view of the fascinating members and staff who make up this remarkable association.  This week's focus is on Alastair Arthur, WICE's coordinator for its Film courses and events. 

photography film classes paris
Alastair Arthur

Why did you move to Paris and what do you do here?

paris photography film classes
photo by Alastair Arthur
My wife was initially on a short-term assignment in Paris while I continued to live and work in England. When her company wanted to extend her assignment significantly we decided to accept and move to Paris long-term. It seemed too good an opportunity to turn down!
I run my own photography business, offering portrait sessions for families, couples and individuals in Paris and the UK. I also coordinate the film courses for WICE as part of the Visual Arts team, and I'm a trustee with Unseen, an amazing anti-human-trafficking charity that started in my hometown of Bristol.