November 27, 2012

WICE World Watch - The Nine Lives of the Euro

19h30  Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at the American Library in Paris 
Lately all of the buzz is about Eurozone debt crisis and how the member countries are struggling to reverse this downward trend.  But what exactly is the euro debt crisis?  What is its effect on the world economy and how does it impact your life? 

WICE World Watch presents Philippe d’Arvisenet, BNP Paribas Chief Economist, James Hertling from Bloomberg News, and Martin Roesch from Deutsche Bundesbank and the German Embassy as the expert speakers to answer your burning questions about the future of the euro.
Join us at 19h30 on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at the American Library, as the three panel speakers discuss how and why the euro has survived thus far and also their views on what it will take to strengthen the euro and secure its future for all of the Eurozone members. 
This free event is open to everyone, including WICE members and non-members.  Registration is not required. 

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