December 22, 2017

Come Party With WICE and Celebrate 40 Great Years!

The year 2018 marks our 40th anniversary!  WICE is one of the longest serving volunteer-run cultural associations for the international community in Paris.  And like a fine French wine, we’re just getting better with time.

Our members, from six continents and from diverse backgrounds, form lasting friendships at WICE.  Run by volunteers, these dedicated men and women of WICE  organize all kinds of learning opportunities, including languages, Paris tours, cooking, history, writing, photography, film and the visual arts.  Recently, we’ve added more purely social gatherings, such as our monthly apéro parties.

We’ll be celebrating un certain âge with a host of exciting events all year.  Keep your eyes peeled for new announcements so you can join in the fun!

At our relaunched new-look website, you can register for all activities, across all of our departments.  

Here’s a sneak preview of 2018 courses and events:

A comedy, “The Merde Factor”, a special performance adapted from the novels, with a Q and A and book signing by author Stephen Clarke, on 12 February at 19H.   Register here: The Merde Factor.

The 40th destination for WICE Visits will be an exclusive tour of the Hotel de Lauzun, a magnificent 17th century residence on the l’île Saint Louis, which normally is only open by invitation. Register here: Hotel de Lauzun.  

A creative writing course, Writing the 40-Page Short Story, with Alecia McKenzie, novelist and instructor with WICE Creative Writing. Register here: Crafting the Short Story.

A playful drawing class, 40 Pages, 40 Poses,  with Jan Olsson of Visual Arts. Register here: 40 Pages, 40 Poses

A discussion series, Franco-US relations the last 40 years, with John Dean of Cultural Studies. Register here: Franco-US relations the last 40 years.

Our Membership Bonus!
To commemorate WICE's 40th anniversary, throughout all of 2018, WICE's Under 30 Membership rate will become WICE's Under 40 Membership rate.  New Members and renewing Members who fall into the category of under 40 will enjoy the discounted rate of 30 euros per year.

Other Events coming up, with more details coming soon:

Trivia Night: March.
Gala Soiree - Cocktail Dînatoire at the Cordon Bleu: May 15.
Friends and Family Picnic: June.
Cocktail Tasting class: Fall.

From our future in 2018 to our past…and our roots in the feminist movement in the United States.  In 1978, a small group of American women in Paris, who were trailing spouses, set up WICE to help women enter the workforce, and they called their group the Women’s Institute of Continuing Education, though of course since then for many years now we have welcomed men and women members and volunteers.

Our Board member, Ombudsman and longest-serving volunteer, Jill Bordais, remembers these women as “global nomads, homemakers and mothers supporting their husbands’ careers and volunteering in schools and community groups.  WICE offered women a chance to put their skills into a professional context and tailor them into a c.v.”

In 1981, WICE started its Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate (TEFL) in partnership with Rutgers University.  Later, WICE joined with the University of Paris to develop certificates in art history and business, and esteemed writing programs.  Jill says, “This training provided one of the best opportunities for anglophone women seeking employment in France.  Women wanted to get away from the cooking and fashion courses that are now some of our most popular courses, and staples of the French experience!”

As women established careers, WICE evolved into the cultural association we know today, a diverse expat community meeting up for continuing education and socializing with members from all over our fast-changing world.  As we start a fifth decade, we have a past to celebrate and a future to look forward to, so let’s start our birthday year with a bang in 2018, and make it the best year ever.

Post by Elizabeth Bouché

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