March 13, 2015

Film Classes... coming soon to the WICE office!

Paris When It Flickers
A 3 Part Film class given by Vincent Fournols

As anyone with an interest in films will know, Paris, with its iconic scenery and winding streets, has played host to a huge variety of film since the first films were created. Where better to learn more about these films and the importance of the city in the industry’s development than from within the winding streets themselves?
Over the course of the first two sessions, Vincent will explore the part that Paris has played in the film industry since it began. He will discuss the influence that the city has had in the world of politics and art and will use movie clips to illustrate his lecture.
Having given these two classes before, this time round Vincent has added to his repertoire by turning up the tempo for a 3rd class on musicals. Musical lovers might be surprised to hear that there are in fact great French musical films… Vincent will elaborate!
And here is what the man himself has to say about his classes:

The previous two classes last Fall proved to be an exciting experience: it was fun to prepare, but even more rewarding to lecture. I was delighted to see that almost all those who attended the first class came back for the second; a very gratifying feeling. The classes were lively, with questions and discussions leading to various side topics including original Parisian experiences and Russian Christmas movies!
During the Christmas period, I gave the same lecture to an assembly of relatives (in French this time!). It enabled me to fine tune the content further, so I expect this coming set of classes will be even better adapted and enjoyable.
It is also a great pleasure to be able to expand the topics covered, and to open a third new lecture on my favourite genre: musicals. Of course, in this field the Americans reign high, but this time there will a distinctive French flavor to it.
Hope to see you there! 

If you are interested, here is everything you need to know:

Part 1- Paris When It Flickers – 18th March at 6.30-8.00 pm
Part 2-Paris When It Flickers- 25th March at 6.30-8.00 pm
Part 3- French Film Musicals- Why are there so few?- 2nd April at 2.30-4.30 pm
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Please Note:

While this is a 3 part series, members do not have to sign up for all 3.  That said, we are offering online the following discount:  Enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT when you sign up for an additional seminar from our film series or 60 euros for all 3 seminars when you register in advance.   If you attended Part 1 and 2 in the Fall, we are offering a 10% discount for Part 3.