January 15, 2012

The Ultimate Sparkle

Petra's Winning Photo
In December, a bundled-up crowd of WICE photographers captured the magic and elegance of Paris holiday sparkles ... and then entered their images in the WICE Holiday Sparkle-Off.  The winner, Petra Nass, received the award at a special luncheon for WICE photographers. We congratulate her for this honor.

Petra won the coveted prize for her image of the Galeries Lafayette ceiling, showing off the beautiful neo-byzantine design in a strong composition and capturing the play of "purple haze," holiday lighting that makes it difficult to determine whether the cupola is concave or convex.

The competition was judged by Jerry Fielder, the director and curator of the estate of celebrated portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh. Jerry said of the work submitted for the competition, "The WICE photographers captured the spirit of the holidays in so many varied and creative ways. I was truly impressed with their talented work and grateful to share the season through these images."

Accepting the Award ...
Born in Stuttgart, Germany,  Petra has focused her adult life on study and work as a biologist in Germany, China, and the United States. But, after a magical summer in Paris three years ago, she moved here permanently. She sensed it was her place in the world.

As for so many artists, Paris has inspired her—"particularly the light and the ambiance." She sees her photography as a way of resting her mind from her life in science. "When I return from a photography expedition, I feel refreshed and renewed," she says. It is truly her passion. She was often seen hours after a WICE photography class, still photographing ... and capturing images that no one else had the patience or stamina or opportunity to discover.

Petra also says that photography, for her, is a way of sharing how we each experience life in unique ways.  She wants her photographs to have a therapeutic quality. "I would find it very rewarding if one day someone looked at my photos and said ... I feel so good, so at peace, so full of life."

Congratulations, Petra ... on your award and on your curious and creative approach to life and art.

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