September 9, 2017

WICE Open House Coming Soon! Be There...

Calling all WICE members and wannabes…
We’re taking a running start to Rentrée 2017 with a new venue for our Open House, Tuesday, 19 September, 3 to 7 PM, at the Gare de Marlon Gallery (in the 4th, metro Pont Marie).  

Quit the rat race and join the top non-profit English-speaking cultural and social group in Paris!

WICE members, by RAYE
Come along with friends, family, and colleagues and get half off our bargain 50 euro membership when you sign up for a class or event!  Sip a glass of wine and connect with like-minded people, new and old members, and our many volunteers and instructors.  

You could be the lucky one to walk away with prizes including tickets for the Lost in Frenchlation cinema, the Théatre des Champs Elysées, and Improfessionals; classes with Studio15 Pilates; vouchers with the concierge service Savoir Faire Paris; and offers from WH Smith.  Register now at www.wice-paris/openhouse to be eligible for the lucky draw! 

Don’t forget — many cultural venues offer WICE members discounts year-round.

At the Open House, you’ll meet dynamic people from all over the world and hear about our huge range of events and classes, free social gatherings, and volunteer opportunities.

For the full list of our exciting classes and events, see our website,  Here’s a tantalising selection…

Want to cook for health at Le Cordon Bleu?  Whip up a Thai Fish Curry for guests?  

OK, you don’t want to invite him for dinner, but you can follow “In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan,” and then go zen to study Indian painting. 

Are you into fact or fiction??  History buffs can discuss with experts such topics as “French War Brides” and American soldiers, and bookworms will love our Bilingual Book Group, which already has a great line-up of books translated into French and English this year.

We’ve all been told to “take a walk” and why not?  Discover the Camille Claudel Museum, the history of universities in Paris, and the architecture of the Théatre des Champs-Elysées.
WICE members, by RAYE

Dare to put pen to paper?  Get inspired by our classes in poetry, short story, or essay writing.  If that’s not your thing, why not try photography, studio art, printmaking, or website design?!

One of our best known programs is languages, so why not improve your French or English, or pick up Spanish or German?  Guided discussion groups require a small fee, French-English discussion groups are FREE!

Maria Lilley of WICE Social Events, who organized this year’s Open House, said, “The Gare de Marlon Gallery is a great new venue.  It’s on two levels, with a big space for meeting people or stepping aside to take a proficiency test for language classes.  And if you want to carry on socializing afterwards, there are lots of nice cafés you can try.  

“We’re making our biggest effort ever to make a warm welcome, register members efficiently, and get enrollment under way for our amazing lineup of classes and events this year.  Everyone should check out our revamped website and Facebook page!  This is one of our major events of the year so we hope for a great turnout!”

Post by Elizabeth Bouché,
Thanks to RAYE for photos from last year's Open House

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Make this a great rentrée....see you on the 19th,
Gare de Marlon Gallery, near Metro Pont Marie.

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