February 2, 2015

February’s Must-See List

Just because it is too cold to roam the streets of Paris at the moment, it does not mean that there isn't a great deal of exploring still to be done! Here is a selection of exhibitions in Paris that are ending over the next few weeks- some you will have seen pasted all over the metro while others have had much less publicity…

1.       The ‘Haiti’ Exhibition- Grand Palais

The first of its kind, this exhibition is a celebration of all types Haitian art work ranging from paintings and sculptures to videos and installations. A sure way to inject some summer and color into a grey February day!
When? Finishes February 15th
Cost? Full fare 12 euros, reduced rate 9 euros

2.       Sonia Delaunay Exhibition- Musée de l’Arte Moderne de la Ville


Sonia Delaunay was the first living female to have an exhibition at the Louvre in 1964 and now her work is back. Delaunay created not only paintings but also textiles and fashion.
When? Finishes February 22nd
Cost? Full fare 11 euros, reduced rate 8 euros

3.       Paul Durand-Ruel: The Gamble of the Impressionists; Manet, Monet, Renoir- Musée de Luxembourg
Picture : Danse à Bougival (détail), 1883, Pierre-Auguste Renoir © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
                                                                                                                                                     For something slightly more classic, take a look at this exhibition of works by artists who owe their success largely to Paul Durand-Ruel, a 19th century art dealer.
When? Finishes February 8th
Cost? Full far 13, 50 euros, reduced rate 9 euros

4.       Photographs of the Unforgettable Marilyn- Galerie de l’Instant

         The title of this exhibition speaks for itself… And this is a good gallery to know about for any photography fan.
When?  Finishes February 25th

5.       Blind Walls- Paris Rooftops- Galerie Particulière

               An exhibition of photographs by Michael Wolf that captures the beauty of an aspect of Paris that many might take for granted.
When? Finishes March 1st
Cost? Free

6.       Paris- Free, Photographed, Exhibited- Musee Carnavalet

This is an exhibition celebrating Paris’ liberation after WWII. The people of Paris are captured at their happiest hours by some of their finest photographers; Robert Doisneau, René Zuber, Jean Séeberger. A definite must see!
When? Finishes February 8th
Cost? Full fare 8 euros, reduced rate 6 euros

And for something a little louder…
7.       Chinese New Year- 13th Arrondissement, Belleville, le Marais

 Transport yourself east for a day and celebrate the Chinese Year of the Goat with spectacular sights such as these.
When? February 19th
 Major Parades:
 February 21st, 2.30 pm, Place de la Republique
February 21st, 10.30 am, Metro Belleville
February 22nd, 1.00 pm, Metro Gobelins (13th)