September 2, 2014

WICE Visual Arts: Spotlight on Nica Junker

WICE presents its Up Close and Personal series to give you an insider view of the fascinating members and staff who make up this remarkable association.  This week's focus is on Nica Junker, WICE's Film instructor. 

Nica Junker

1)     What brought you to Paris?
 I was assigned by the Quattropole (Metz, Luxembourg, Saarbrücken, Trier) for 2013-2014 for an installation called silent neighbors, that was exhibited there for one year.  Previously I lived in Paris in 1995 studying at the Sorbonne and I always wanted to come back in my mid-thirties. Now I’m here to stay for a while.
2)     How has WICE affected your stay in Paris?
I have met a lot of very nice people at WICE. Having an exchange with all the members has inspired my stay here. WICE is a wonderful network to meet great people.

Nica Junker artwork
3)     Tell us a little about your passion for film
My passion for film began in Paris, when I was studying here 20 years ago. I was amazed by all the great selection of movies I could watch such as Hollywood films, independent films, and old classic films.  I was very inspired by people I met during that time and decided to apply for film school in Germany. My course at the Sorbonne influenced and courage me a lot too. So I studied first Drama Studies and Philosophy in Leipzig to prepare my portfolio to apply for the film school. In 1999 I was accepted and spent the following 5 years studying film directing.  There I had a wonderful time watching movies, shooting many movies, and working with other students to help each other become better at what we were doing.

Nica Junker artwork

4)    What’s the most important thing that you want your students to get from your courses?
I always try to share my passion for film and motivate everyone, by concentrating on each student as much as possible to answer their individual needs.  I want my students to have a good time and a good experience.  It makes me happy when my students learn things about film.  I also enjoy to seeing how my students begin to develop their projects and how they learn from each other.   I love what I am doing, so I guess this spirit gets to my students and we always have a good time.
Nica Junker artwork

5)      What are you looking forward to in the future at WICE? 

I love my students, so I am looking forward to all of the upcoming film courses I will teach and to all the wonderful students I am going to meet! 
Nica Junker artwork

Thanks Nica!  We'll be sure to join you for your upcoming film courses: