June 10, 2014

WICE Members: Spotlight on Evelyne Picard

WICE presents its Up Close and Personal series to give you an insider view of the fascinating members and staff who make up this remarkable association.  This week's focus is on Evelyne Picard, WICE member and artist who recently sold some of her artwork at the WICE Member Gallery exposition. 

art class Paris
Artist Evelyne Picard
1)   What brought you to Paris? 
 After living in San Francisco California for four years I moved to Paris in September 2013 where my husband was offered a new job assignment. In San Francisco I was working as a primary school substitute teacher as well as a teaching artist at the French American International School. I was also taking art classes at City College of San Francisco where I had the chance to study with excellent professors. Although it was very hard to leave San Francisco I believe that Paris is the perfect destination. It is a beautiful multifaceted city that has so much to offer and people are very nice here. I am currently dedicating most of my time to my artwork  www.evelynepicard.com
I am working on commissions and just finished participating in a show under invitation of Le Cercle des artistes de Paris at the Parc Floral de Paris in May.

2)  How did you become a WICE member? 

On my arrival to Paris I wanted to stay in touch with a community of permanent residents who enjoyed bicultural lives. One of my San Francisco friends introduced me to a friend of hers who moved to Paris from New York. She invited me to WICE's annual open house event. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that WICE had something to offer for each and every one of us: courses, friendships, visits, community support. I joined right away!
art class Paris
Un peu beaucoup
Evelyne Picard

3)  What did you gain from your WICE courses? 

I took a Carnet de Voyage class.  I started my first Carnet de Voyage to express my impressions about my move from San Francisco to Paris. I combine writing, watercolor, ink, photography and collage in it. This course gave me the perfect opportunity to make instant friends while visiting Paris and making art. 
art class Paris
Happy Bug Day
Evelyne Picard

4)   What was it like to participate in the WICE Member Gallery?
I was a newcomer to Paris, not really knowing where to start with my art in France. When I was told that the theme of the next exhibition was Up Close and Personal, I thought that the stars were aligned. It was a perfect opportunity for me to rebound and set new goals in my life. WICE Art Gallery is a lovely space to display artwork. The Art Director and the team of volunteers are dedicated and available. They definitely help ensure the quality of the exhibitions.

5) How did you create the piece that was displayed at the WICE Member Gallery?
I created the watercolor painting of an ant titled “Pourquoi moi” (why me) as part of a series called Bugs XXL. The insect has imposed itself on me as my spirit animal, my “patronus charm”! I wanted to paint insects that would be more than life size in order to invite the viewer to stop and look at something they have seen many times before but haven’t really looked at, let alone observed. I like to play with bright colors and work on transparencies with multiple layers.

6) How did it feel to sell your artwork? 
I feel lucky to have found my passion, and to be able to share it with others is a bonus. Art connects people in many ways. I have sold some artwork in California but this piece was my first art sale in France. I was honored to sell this painting to a patron who actually wrote an article about ants. I think that my artwork is in good hands! 
art class Paris
Pourquoi Moi
Evelyne Picard

7) What have you enjoyed the most in your experiences with WICE? 
WICE offers a great variety of activities and courses in a multicultural environment. It is a very open minded community that helped make the transition smoother when I relocated from overseas. Being a WICE member allowed me to connect with a good mix of English speaking friends from all nationalities. 

Thanks Evelyne for giving us the inside scoop on the WICE Member Gallery art show!
Be sure to check out more of Evelyne's amazing work at www.evelynepicard.com