June 20, 2014

Strutting in the Parc de Bagatelle

Parc de Bagatelle
Photo © Masina Hunnicutt
The WICE Photo Exploring classes travel to all corners of Paris to discover—and rediscover—the most captivating places the city has to offer.

For the last journey of the spring course, the adventurous photographers traveled to the Bois de Boulogne to wander in the lush Parc de Bagatelle.

How many photographers does it take to capture "essence of peacock"?
Photo © Meredith Mullins
The chateau and gardens were built in the late 18th century by Marie Antoinette's brother-in-law in just 64 days, because she bet him it couldn't be done. He won the bet.

The odds are in our favor.
Photo © Meredith Mullins
The gardens now boast the summer rose competition, as well as irises, waterlilies, vegetables, pagodas, and a very vocal pride of peacocks (also called a "muster" or, even more aptly, an "ostentation").

Amelia Vargas . . . stalking the wild peacock
Photo © Meredith  Mullins
One of the class assignments was to capture the essence of peacock. Our group proved to be excellent peacock stalkers.

The subjects seemed to relish the attention and put on quite a show for our cameras. They strutted, ostentatiously, and flaunted their beautifully designed feathers and jewel toned bodies.

There were so many creative peacock shots that a friendly competition was born, and a prize was awarded by instructor Meredith Mullins for the best peacock photo. The photos were judged by the curator of the Yousuf Karsh photography estate, Jerry Fielder.

Bob Levy faces off with one of the "muster."
Photo © Meredith Mullins
Congratulations to the peacock prizewinners . . . and all the WICE photographers. The peacocks never looked so good! Which are your favorites?

1st: Marike Vermeer
2nd: Elizabeth Rand
3rd: Margot Hanley
4th: Bob Levy

1st Award: Marike Vermeer
2nd Award: Elizabeth Rand
3rd Award: Margot Hanley
(And Winner of the Class Popular Vote)
4th Award: Bob Levy

Posted by Photography Instructor Meredith Mullins, with thanks to the WICE Exploring photographers and to Jerry Fielder for his peacock judging expertise.

The Fall Photo Exploring Class begins on September 23. Join us!