February 12, 2014

Behind the Seams of French Lingerie

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Marie-Pascale Mayette 
With Valentine's Day approaching, chocolates, flowers, and lingerie are getting a lot of attention.  Most of us can describe all of the types of flowers we like, and our favorite kinds of chocolates, but how much do we know about lingerie?   Luckily for us, Kate Kemp-Griffin, Associate Editor, France, for The Lingerie Journal has arranged for an exclusive tour of the ins and outs of the world of lingerie, where you will have the privilege of meeting the Creative Directors of two leading French lingerie brands.  On this tour, you will be sure to learn just what it is that makes French lingerie so special.

The Paris Lingerie Tour - Behind the Seams of French Lingerie -  March 4th, 2014
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This amazing tour starts at the luxury Bon Marché department store in the 7th arrondissement, whose impressive lingerie collections will leave you marveling at all of the variety of the different designers.  See the differences in quality, styles, fabrics, and designers' specialties, as you admire the diverse brands.   You will also be treated to the incredible experience of having the Creative Director, of the designer brand Simone Pérèle, present the Spring 2014 collection.  Simone Pérèle’s collections have a tradition of elegance and design details that the Creative Director will shed light on.  Imagine getting to ask questions to the person who’s creating the lingerie style trends that will ultimately wind up in your boudoir!

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Next stop on the tour is the delightful boutique around the corner, Implicite.  Their stunning collections truly stand out from the rest.  You will be seduced by their rich jewel toned colors and the exquisite lace designs.  Implicite lingerie is to die for. Regardless if you’re wearing old jeans and a baggy sweater, you will have a glow of confidence and beauty shining from within, when you wear Implicite underneath. (And no, I’m not paid by Implicite.  I’ve taken one of Kate’s Lingerie Tours and I finally found my lingerie true love.)   Once again, you will have the opportunity to meet the Creative Director of Implicite, where you will see their new collection, ask questions, and learn about the inspiration for this glamorous and daring brand.

The best part of this lingerie tour is that you can learn about these designers and admire their lingerie without having any obligation to make a purchase.  Kate is not affiliated with, nor commissioned by any of these stores and designers.  She is offering these tours in order to share her knowledge and passion for lingerie.    
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And finally, a key lesson of this tour is that beautiful lingerie is for more than just a once-a-year holiday evening.  Learn all about the different lingerie styles and brands so that you can perk up your daily wardrobe.  And remember, sometimes being well dressed underneath your clothes can give you that secret boost to keep you feeling great throughout the day.

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Spaces are limited.  Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn all about designer lingerie, straight from the key players!

Learn more and Register here:  Paris Lingerie Tour
Date:    Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Time:   10:30am - 12:30pm

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Post by Veronica Kugler