October 2, 2013

Eating Healthy With a Smile at The Superfoods Cafe

In honor of the growing effort to make today, October 2nd, (and future first Wednesdays of October) become the official National Kale Day, let's talk about healthy eating. 

superfoods cafe
Elke Seyser - Owner of The Superfoods Cafe

Of course, you've easily been able to avoid those fried pork skins and twinkies, but have you been able to take your healthy eating to the next step, by reducing your dependence on packaged and processed foods with paragraph-long lists of ingredients that only a scientist can understand?  

Organic, vegetarian, vegan, raw.   Are you trying to eat healthier, but you don't know where to start?  

the superfoods cafe
Le Proscuitto sandwich and Gluten-Free Cupcakes
Well people in Paris, you are in luck.   The Superfoods Cafe to the rescue!   Elke Seyser, a certified health coach, quit her job at the German Embassy to open up this cafe in the 7ème, where she's serving up a friendly dose of healthy food advice along with her delicious sandwiches and salads.  Do you have a sweet tooth and want to know a healthy snack alternative to foods with refined sugars?  Just ask and you'll get the answer while Elke is preparing your sandwich.

Unlike other cafes in this neighborhood, The Superfoods Cafe serves all organic foods.    Even the drinks are organic, where you won't find any coke or any other sodas not made from natural ingredients.   The menu includes several organic bread sandwich choices, including Italian ham and fig or chicken with avocado butter.  You can often find kale as one of the daily salads and hearty soups are available when the weather is chilly. But even if you don't see quite what you want on the menu, Elke will happily replace an ingredient or two for you.   Be sure to stay tuned for the sweet potato, carrot, and ginger soup, and the soon-to-be-available sandwiches on gluten-free bread. 

superfoods cafe

But more than just for the food, The Superfoods Cafe has 97% repeat customers because people come for its cozy environment and international community.  Located close to UNESCO, the cafe is often full of expats from all over the world.    To encourage conversations and laughter, guests can have their coffee or meal at the communal table.   

After talking to Elke and eating her yummy healthy food, you're sure to be inspired to incorporate healthier choices in your own eating habits.  For further guidance, The Superfoods Cafe will soon be hosting three workshops on Healthy Eating:

  1. Eating for Energy
  2. Women's Health
  3. The Sugar Blues
superfoods cafe
The Superfoods Cafe Kale Salad

If you're unable to attend these workshops or would like to have more in-depth individual guidance, Elke offers her health coach counseling program.  Whether by phone, in person, or skype, Elke will work with you to create your individual plan to achieve your goal of feeling healthier, having more energy, or losing weight.  She can also help you take a look at why you eat what you eat, so that you can identify and stop any emotional eating that might be getting in your way of eating healthier.  Since everyone has different needs, the plan is not necessarily about becoming a vegetarian, vegan, or a raw eater, it's more about helping you shift your diet to healthier foods in a realistic way so that you can make it a lifetime change.

Now get up and have some good food with a smile and enjoy your little bit of happiness at The Superfoods Cafe!

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29 avenue de Ségur
75007 Paris
M: Ecole Militaire, Ségur, and St. Francois-Xavier

Post & Photos by Veronica Kugler