May 22, 2013

Exploring the Jardins Albert Kahn

© Anu Berghuis-Pohjola
When the Paris winter lingers a little too long, offering only precious few days of sun, the WICE Photography Exploring group must rise to the challenge.

© Ashley Frye Roukema 
Last week, the intrepid group wandered the Jardins Albert Kahn and found the essence—rich colors, strong lines, and elegant forms. As usual with a creative group, everyone saw something different, even though our paths overlapped and intersected.

© Geoffrey Kanter
The diffused light of the overcast day was the perfect complement to the layers of green and bursts of bright color.

© Nora Kanter

© Heidi Crooks
Even the raindrops provided graphic elegance.

© Linda Sterckel-Delno
Chapeau to the photographers! May you have many more rewarding explorations.

© Annette Van Cranenburgh 

© Bob Levy
© Lorena Coletta
Join the WICE guided tour of the Albert Kahn Gardens coming up on June 4. The roses will be in bloom! Check out the visit on the WICE website.

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Posted by Photography Instructor Meredith Mullins.