April 10, 2013

Visit Paris in English, with Family Twist

Now that you’re staying in Paris, do you find that everyone wants to visit you or get your expert advice on things to do and where to stay in this beautiful city? 

Are you clueless about which activities to suggest for kids who don’t speak any French?
Starting the keepsake book.
photo by Veronica Kugler

Creativity with the art instructor.
photo by Veronica Kugler
Don’t worry!  Now there’s help from Family Twist which specialize in planning vacations and activities in Paris, for English speaking families.   With the focus on children, Family Twist offers fun and exciting activities so that the entire family can enjoy and make the most of their time in Paris.

We all know that even the standard tourist attractions can be problematic for families with young children.  Take a visit to the Louvre for example: 

With long lines, a language barrier, and works of art filled with religious and mythological symbolism, the Louvre can be daunting for even the most enthusiastic families with small children.   

Admiring her brother's work.
photo by Magali Déchelette
For a more enjoyable experience, Family Twist organizes an expert-guided private tour in English that covers many key works of art, presented in the context of a kid-engaging treasure hunt. 

After visiting the museum, the family has the option to participate in a workshop where a professional art instructor takes them further in the Louvre experience.  At the art studio the kids (and parents, if desired) get a hands-on experience creating their own masterpieces. 

At this specific workshop, the family was given a blank accordion book, paints, pens, photocopies of the works of art that they had just seen, and instructions to use their imagination to create their own designs.  The challenge of the project was to visually connect each picture in order to create one long design.  

After working together on their drawings, the family really had a fun and creative bonding experience that was connected to the famous works of art.  Moreover, the completed accordion book became the family’s keepsake souvenir of the workshop.  What better way to remember the Louvre!

Team work.
photo by Magali Déchelette

Artist deep in thought.
photo by Magali Déchelette
The Louvre tour and workshop is just one example of the many services that Family Twist provides.   From à la carte activities, such as neighborhood walks, cooking classes, and science workshops to complete vacation planning with accommodations, transportation, activities, express ticketing, restaurant reservations, and babysitting, Family Twist can provide the level of service that is unique to each family’s vacation needs. Furthermore with the à la carte option, Family Twist can be useful to those families already living in Paris. 

***Want to take a family trip to the Loire Valley?  With their Loire Valley services, Family Twist can take care of you there, too!
Ta da!  All done!
photo by Veronica Kugler

For more information, visit www.familytwist.co.uk.  

Post by Veronica Kugler