September 4, 2012

Fireworks of Saint-Cloud (Le Grand Feu de Saint-Cloud)

Photo by Meredith Mullins
If you missed the Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day) fireworks, don't despair. Yes, they were beautiful— especially accompanied by a Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (Bee Gees forever!) and reflected in the swirling disco ball hanging from the Tour Eiffel. And who can resist sharing the evening with so many thousands of folks celebrating freedom on the Champs de Mars ... and then racing for the jam-packed metros so there's no long walk home?

But ... there's another, even better, chance to experience the true artistry of pyrotechnics. Every year, on the second Saturday of September, the Parc Saint-Cloud hosts the largest fireworks extravaganza in Europe. For 2012, that's THIS Saturday (September 8).

You can get tickets online through FNAC (10,000 seats ... or a spot to relax on the lawn). Prices range from 26 to 78 euros. Or become a VIP and go for the special seats, which also include champagne, open bar, and dinatoire (285 to 325 euros).

Quatorze Juillet 2012 (© Mullins)
The fireworks last nearly two hours (three times longer than Fête Nationale!) ... a symphony of light and sound like no other. An exploding sky. Shooting stars. Fluttering sparkles. Rockets red glare.  A show that truly deserves the title of spectacle. And a perfect way to welcome us all back to Paris.

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Post by Meredith Mullins