August 30, 2012

La Rentrée

Rentrée Resolutions

There is no specific day on the Paris calendar when the feeling of summer ends. You just sense a change in energy.

The local boulangeries—shuttered for weeks—start baking again. The traffic noise rises in decibel. The "fermeture annuelle" signs disappear. Paris Plage palm trees get packed away. The stores feature stylish school clothes, notebooks, and pens. And the lazy, free-form days of vacation turn to thoughts of school and work and a return to a more normal day-to-day life.

The French Rentrée (return) is like New Year's. It's not just a transition, it's a new beginning.

Grand Feu d'Artifice
So ... welcome back. We hope you had a rewarding, restful, rejuvenating summer and are ready for adventure.

Take a look at some September highlights and make your rentrée resolutions. Explore and discover. Take some classes. Meet new friends. It's a "New Year" of opportunity.

  • Jazz at La Villette (August 29–September 9). Click here for more info.
  • Grand Feu d'Artifice at Parc Saint-Cloud (September 8). More info.
  • Opera en Plein Air: Aïda at the Hotel National des Invalides (September 7–16). More info.
  • A welcome soirée to celebrate WICE's new office (September 13). More info.
  • Techno Parade (September 15). More info.
  • Journée de Patrimoine (September 15–16). More info.
  • Annual WICE Open House (September 25). Conversation groups, art exhibit, silent auction, wine tasting ... plus more about the exciting fall class schedule. More info.
For more info about the fall WICE schedule of classes, click here. 

Happy Rentrée!

Post and Photos by Meredith Mullins