April 24, 2012

Belleville: Rue Dénoyez

The Writing Is on the Wall

Photo by Lisa Redburn
Just around the corner from Edith Piaf's favorite Belleville café is the rue Dénoyez, one of the most colorful streets in Paris. It is a living, breathing open-air gallery. Graffiti graces every inch of wall space along the short span of buildings, and everything on or near the street is painted (from windows and mailboxes to door-code panels, garbage cans, and flower pots).

Photographer Bob Levy Captures a "Moment"
The palette and art on the walls change from moment to moment, as graffiti artists come and go, leaving their marks ... layer after layer ... to keep the tagging battle alive and well. What you see in the morning will be repainted by evening. It is, as the sign says, a street of "No Rules."

Photo by Ann Wilson
The WICE photography exploration class wandered this neighborhood a few weeks ago with interesting results. Everyone walked down the same street, encased by the same buildings that were splattered with the same morning sunlight and shadows. And everyone saw something different. That's what art ... and life ... are all about.

Photo by Petra Nass
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Photo by Patrice Neger
Posted by Meredith Mullins