December 9, 2011

What's in Your Pocket?

The beauty and poetry of the French language includes the strange and creative world of French idoms.

Today’s featured idiom is (admittedly) stolen from (or shall we say “inspired by”) one of our favorite blogs – French Word a Day. The writer Kristin Espinasse shares her life in the south of France in poignant, playful, and profound vignettes that come straight from the heart. If you become a regular reader of her blog, you start to feel like a friend of the family … or a neighbor to all the characters in her stories. AND you learn French words and idioms that appear in la vie quotidienne.

Today’s idiom:

Avoir oursins dans les poches = to have sea urchins in one’s pockets or to be stingy. The sea urchins prevent you from reaching further in your pocket to get to your money.

Urchins are for eating, not pocketing
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